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About MAG

dotMobi is responsible for administration of the .mobi Top Level Domain [TLD], under contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN]. dotMobi has been designated as a ‘sponsored’ registry, which means that it represents and serves a particular community – in this case, the Mobile Web community.

MAG exists as a means to facilitate feedback from the dotMobi community on any of dotMobi’s initiatives, both domain and Mobile Web related. It also provides dotMobi with a platform through which is can relay messages and channel information to its community. MAG, as a concept, is recognised in dotMobi’s contract with ICANN and MAG is dotMobi’s main sponsoring organisation. Separate from MAG, dotMobi has a Policy Advisory Board [PAB] which meets periodically to specifically discuss and address policy issues relating to the .mobi TLD.

In order to encourage a wide membership base, MAG is a Web-based, non-fee paying members group.


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